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Our customers know that we have minimal no frills packaging and that is because you are paying for the product not the packaging, However there is a more important reason - RECYCLING.

We recycle packaging materials sent to us and also incorporate unused newspapers and magazines to pack our products. Our use of plastic freezer bags and DHL packing materials are the only things that have not been recycled before sending our products. We also invoice digitally, and use recycled paper for DHL customs documents and Waybills.

LUX SYMBOLICA - The packaging challenge

This is something that we would love to change, in particular our use of plastic. We do reuse our plastic packing materials as much as possible. aWe encourage you, our customers, to reuse the materials sent to you as much as possible. We have found that different cities and countries have different recycling capabilities, so even if we do use recyclable plastics, that doesn't mean that they can be recycled locally !

  • What do you do to reduce your use of plastics and packing materials ?

  • Maybe you have found a better solution, or way of packaging that respects the environment.

  • Please share with us your solutions!

  • Share your comment on this post or use our contact form to contact us directly.

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Feb 02, 2021

Thanks Patrick & Rob !

I've been getting ideas from this Instagram profile - Get.Wast.ed


Jan 31, 2021

Love getting the french newspaper wrapping paper with our orders! We use Uline for packaging and recyclable butcher paper (but are considering moving to recycled newspapers/magazines). Uline does make a green(er) option for resealable bags (recyclable and biodegradable) if you want to check them out:


Patrick & Rob

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