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Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We are expanding online. To further satisfy our valued clients we are introducing our new website!

You, our clients, are amazing professionals who share our passion for beautiful virgin hair products and transparency in the buying experience. Your support has enabled us to grow! We have created a Private Boutique exclusively for you featuring products we've selected for you. Our site is an extension of our Instagram

presence and you are welcome to contact us where you'd like!


Visitors are welcome to browse our site, to learn about our brand, products and services,

and to shop for samples.

You may also find interesting insights surrounding our brand and our values.

Once you become a client by purchasing our products, we can choose to allow you entrance into the Private Boutique. Our client relationships are based on privacy and discretion.

We’d like to thank Julius Miko from UON studio for his creative input in making this vision a reality!

Stay tuned for our latest NEWS!

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