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LUX SYMBOLICA - Virgin Red Slavic Hair L
LUX SYMBOLICA - Ancient Coin Private Bou

LUX SYMBOLICA is located in Paris, France.  We specialize exclusively in virgin hair products, and are considered to be the standard of virgin hair products, of all origins, in the industry.  We encourage education about hair and enthusiastically support wig making students, young artists and small businesses in the hair industry.  Our mentoring activities allow us to help young wig making students navigate and find their path in this changing world.


Our customer service is distinct in that it is based from the perspective of you, our customers, fellow professionals in many sectors of the hair industry.  As a longtime member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706, the Hollywood Makeup and Hair Union, our founder Beth Thompson, tailors the customer service experience to the specific needs of  hair industry professionals.  We value privacy and discretion, and are obsessive about quality control, research & hair analysis.


Private Hair Showrooms are our preferred way to present our products and meet our international clients   If you are travelling through Paris and would like to visit us for a showroom, please feel free to contact us!

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